Free Earrings Promotion!

Sunshine Promotion ☀️✨

Get a FREE pair of post earrings…!


Let’s make the Irish sunshine last a little longer (can’t believe I’m saying this!) I have decided to bring back this popular promotion:

Purchase any medium necklace on my website and get a


To take advantage of this promotion, please:

☀️ choose any medium necklace and add it to your cart,

☀️ you MUST enter the coupon code FREEPAIR at checkout, (don’t forget this step!)

☀️ you DON’T need to add the earrings to your cart,

*Please note this applies only to post earrings and a matching pair will be sent along with your necklace as a set within the same pretty gift box.

Here’s a link to the medium necklaces!


(If you pick a heart necklace or a tall necklace, you will get a regular pair of round post earrings with a matching image..)

Thank you!

End of School… Already!

It is this time of the year already! My boys will soon be off for the summer, so I thought I would create a little suggestion list for Teacher Presents… Or maybe you just need to say “Well done!” to someone who has studied hard for the whole year… So here are a couple of ideas for you:

An adorable set of blank cards… 


Who doesn’t love a bit of stationary…! There are three different sets available: The Landscape Collection, the Floral Collection, and the newer Bouquet Collection









Each pack is bundled together with a lovely twine and tag and would make the perfect little present.


A personalised piece of jewellery 

Make any necklace just that little bit more special by adding an initial or a birthstone to it…! 


















A matching matching set with necklace and earrings.

You can’t go wrong with a lovely matching set… You can choose any necklace and have a matching pair of post earrings or drop earrings to complete it. If you do not see the matching pair that you would like, please contact me and I will make it up for you.


Have any questions or can’t find something…? Please drop me a line to let me know!


Amélie ☺️

Spring Promotion: Get a FREE pair of post earrings…!

To make the end of the Easter Holidays a little easier and to celebrate the arrival of Spring, I am running a promotion for THIS WEEKEND ONLY! (April 27th & 28th):

Purchase any medium necklace on my website and get a


To take advantage of this promotion, please:

🌸 add any medium necklace to your cart,

🌸 you MUST enter the coupon code FREEPAIR at checkout,

🌸 you do not need to add the earrings to your cart, 

*Please note this applies only to post earrings and a matching pair will be sent along with your necklace as a set within the same pretty gift box.

Here’s a link to the medium necklaces!

(If you pick a heart necklace or a tall necklace, you will get a regular pair of round post earrings with a matching image..)

The Colour Pop Collection – AW2018 Collection by Amélie Gagné Studio

The Colour Pop Collection – AW2018 Collection


Well, my friends, the AW2018 Colour Pop Collection is here…! I have been working on these little goodies for a while, trying to get things just right.

The idea stemmed when my best friend Heather suggested that I could have pieces with just one colour popping out, for people who like their colours a little more on the subtle side… To test the idea, I went on to make a red version for her mother, and a purple one for mine.. And they were quite a hit..!

Colour Pop Collection Amélie Gagné Studio

I then went on to make a few more colours, and toyed with the idea of an accent bead to complement the image… And I quite liked the result! However, the pendants are also available in my regular pendant setting, without the accent bead.

The pieces, which also include mini pendants, post earrings and drop earrings, are now live in my shop section and I am certain they will make gorgeous presents for Christmas…! You can have a look at the full collection right here.  

I created a little video about it too!

Below are some images from a photoshoot taken at the fabulous Heather Restaurant in the Gap of Dunloe in Killarney, by the very talented Sara O’Connor Photography.


Bye bye 2017, Hello 2018

Hello folks and a very Happy New Year to you all…!

I haven’t been around much on this blog or on my social media, nor have I produced much paintings in the past few months, so I thought I would write a little about what has kept me so busy in 2017…

In a nutshell: we bought a house, gutted it, moved in with family during renovations, and finally moved in to our new little nest, just before Halloween. I’m also a full time mum to a busy toddler and a pre-schooler,so needless to say it was hard to keep the studio going during that time…

The whole process took several months and there has been (and still is!) a lot to do after moving in, but needless to say those things have all been on hold over Christmas…!

My priorities for the start of 2018 are as follow:

– Set up my new studio properly (at the moment it is more of a storage room, and the word is polite!)

– Finish those little things around the house (paint touch-ups, painting skirting boards etc…)

Then I will turn my attention to

– grow the wholesale side of my business,
– implement a better work schedule (something I always struggled with)
– grow my mailing list and be more in touch with regular offers/competitions,
– get more consistent in my social media efforts,
– get back to painting…!

Well, this is what I’ve been up to, and why I haven’t been around much, but you will hear more from me in 2018…!

Here’s to a great year,


A Love Story from New York…

I have been meaning to share this with you for a long time… And I thought Valentine’s Day was the perfect occasion to do so..!

It all started in 2009 when I was commissioned by the Office of Public Works to paint a piece for the reception area of Muckross House in Killarney… The summer after, “M”, a lovely American tourist was visiting Ireland and saw the painting and liked it so much that she wrote me an email about it…


A few months later, her boyfriend contacted me to commission a piece for M… (How sweet is that…)  I talk a little more about it in this post from 2010..   She was so over the moon…!

"Strawberry Hills", hanging in New York City.

“Strawberry Hills”, hanging in New York City.

The story doesn’t end there… Early in 2014, Marissa contacted me to commission a piece for her boyfriend, she wanted something with a few symbols of how they met and what they mean to each other… The piece was to give him the symbolic “go ahead” that he could ask for her hand in marriage. After working on it for a couple of weeks I sent the painting and they were both so delighted…


A puzzle piece, NYC skyline and a bench park are all part of the little “symbols”…

A few weeks later I received a message from M, telling me that they had got engaged… And in July 2014 she walked down the aisle to marry her beau…

M was in touch with me again a few months later to share her pregnancy news with me, and it turned out we were to share this special time in common as I was pregnant myself with  my second little boy…

M had a gorgeous baby girl in the summer of 2015, exactly one month before I had my son.

It is such a lovely story and I am very glad I was part of it a little…

I wish you all a lovely St-Valentine’s Day…!

Amélie ???

A look back at 2015…


opening night at the Boathouse gallery…2 weeks before giving birth!

As 2015 is almost over I’d like to take a few moments to write down things that I have accomplished during the year, instead of the things I didn’t 🙂  With my new arrival during the year, the list is not as long as in previous years, but I think I didn’t do too bad! In 2015 I…

– gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, my second studio assistant,
– got 5 new wholesale accounts in fantastic shops/galleries,
– became a member of Original Kerry
– had my best year yet at the annual Christmas Craft Fair in the Outlet Centre,
– got my online shop up and running,
– passed the 2000 fan mark on my Facebook Fan page,
– put a lot more efforts in my Instagram account,
– started a new collection of larger floral pendants,
– started offering personalisation of my necklaces with adorable charms,
– gave 4 painting workshops on top of my regular teaching in the Killarney Community College,
– was part of a group show with 3 highly regarded fellow artists at the Boathouse Gallery


These are the ones that come to my mind…! I hope you had a beautiful and successful year, and I leave you with a few random images of my year… see you in 2016!

Amélie x



Christmas Craft Fair in the Killarney Outlet Centre


new charms to personnalise my necklaces


Brothers meeting for the first time… Instant love!



a few pieces in the Bluepool gallery in Killarney


my new large pendants


a few prints in GlenAran


A Last Minute Shopping Guide…

Last minute with your shopping…? Don’t worry, here are a few suggestions for you…!

1. Gift for your mom or best friend: Get one of my medium necklaces,  personalised with a lovely charm

2.Gift for your sister or daughter: My mini necklaces are so popular! Lovely on its own or with a charm.

3.Gift for the statement jewellery lover: My larger pendants would be a great choice!

4.Gift for your co-worker or kriskindle: My post earrings  are cute, delicate and add oh so pretty…

5.Gift for the art lover: You can get my prints on their own or mounted, if you are in Ireland I can also ship it framed, please contact me if you would like a framed one…

6. Host/Hostess Gift: I have 2 different sets of beautiful blank cards… Order them both and they will come in a pretty gift box.

7. Gift for a special loved one: My original paintings always make a wonderful present, please contact me if you see something you like on this page.


*PLEASE NOTE! Last day for ordering on time for Christmas (within Ireland) is Sunday December 20th. International buyers will NOT get their orders on time for Christmas. All orders placed after December 20th will be posted AFTER Christmas.

The Waiting Game…


Hello folks…!

My last few days have been spent resting, doing some quiet work on the computer, and making a few pieces of jewellery… At the moment of writing this I am two days late with the arrival of baby #2 so I don’t venture very far!

I have put a little notice on the shop section of my website and also on my etsy shop, advising people who wish to make a purchase that it may take me a little longer than usual to fill and send an order… I’m letting you know just in case, and for the same reason I may not be able to reply to questions and comments as quick as usual on my Facebook page.

You will all know soon enough about my new junior studio assistant!

Thank you all!




Exhibition opening June 12th…

I am part of a summery show at the Boathouse Gallery in Kinsale, opening this Friday June 12th at 7pm. I will be co-exhibiting with some great fellow artists which I have personally known for a long time: Mark Eldred, John Hurley and John Morris. We all have been showing at the Killarney Art Gallery for a long time and have been part of the Rotary Club’s annual Wine & Art evening, so you may very well be familiar with them!

My paintings for the show have a lovely floral influence and I have enjoyed working on them in the last few months, even if circumstances have slowed me down considerably, which leads me to my next news which you might not know if you are not following me on my different social media outlets:
I am expecting again, and not for much longer! 
The birth of my junior studio assistant is due in about 5 weeks, so needless to say painting time has gone down quite a bit, and now the exhibition is ready I will probably put my brushes down for the next month or two. But in the mean time, there are still lovely things for grab in my online shop if you would like to have a look, and to celebrate the big changes coming, here is a  15% off coupon code for the items in the shop section: JUNESPECIAL15  which will be valid until the end of June.
So that’s it for now…! If you’re around Kinsale on Friday night, please do come and say hi!

Many thanks for reading!


Click here to see the paintings that will be part of the show!


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