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Amélie Gagné paints colourful, whimsical and uplifting images that will lift your heart…  Originally from Québec, Canada, she has been adopted by Ireland for many years, where she now lives and works in the beautiful town of Killarney. Her unique combination of colours, textures and dreamy atmosphere has created a very distinctive style, which has attracted many fans and customers over the years. Her paintings are now in various public and private collections both in Ireland and abroad, and are shown in numerous galleries.

In 2010 Amélie started to create her own line of unique jewellery featuring her art, where every necklace, earring or pendant is a little piece of colourful cheerfulness. She sells her creations through boutiques, craft fairs and her own website.

When she is not happily creating in the studio, you may find Amélie teaching her popular acrylic painting class in the local Community College, taking a stroll in the National Park, or constantly dreaming up new art. Amélie lives with her husband Stephen, their little boys William & Samuel and their 2 cats.



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