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Happy Easter! A special commission…

Happy Easter! A special commission...

I was very impatient to show you this painting that I have been working on for a few weeks… I delivered it last night so I can finally show it to you…!

It was commissioned as a birthday present for a gentleman’s 60th birthday… And it is packed with meaningful symbols relating to the man’s life… I love painting with a purpose..!

Having a chat with his wife and daughters, they wanted these particular “traits” to come through in the painting..:

– he loves music,
– he is a father of 4 and grandfather of 2,
– he collects coins,
– he loves poetry and classical music,
– he did the Camino de Santiago,
– he’s a supporter of the Kerry team,
– he likes gardening,
– he was quite touched by his visit to Newgrange,

Quite an assignment…! Well, I enjoyed every minute of working on this project, and here is the resulting painting…

The two trees on top represent the man in question and his wife,

The four trees underneath and the two little ones are the children and grandchildren,

The top left hill wears the “green & gold” of the Kerry team,

The path leads up to Santiago de Compostela cathedral, and a sign post indicates the way as well, (I have walked the Camino myself so it was lovely to include these details.) I painted stars on the hill of the cathedral because Compostela means “field of the stars”…

I decided to use the path as a base to the scores of a classical piece… Can you guess which..?

Instead of my usual bubble-like pattern, I scattered a few coins on the lower left hill…

So there! I was quite nervous delivering it yesterday but they were all very pleased and I was treated to a glass of bubbly and a piece of birthday cake…

Well, I’m still at my stall at the Arty Bits Craft Fair in Tralee, one more hour to go…

Happy Easter everyone…!


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Ups and Downs..

Ups and Downs..
Dear fans..! It seems such a long time since I wrote something.. Please forgive me. I have been through one of these moments that we refer to when we say that life is like a roller coaster, with it’s ups and downs. I’m a little better now, and painting and creating has been helping, even if I didn’t do too much of that lately…!
But please bare with me, my head is already buzzing with plans and ideas… Painting inspirations, new jewellery… all coming very soon. And I think it’s also time for a competition, don’t you think…? Perhaps a free piece of jewellery this time..?
Many thanks for all the new fans coming aboard lately, and thanks for those who are still spreading the word…

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