The Colour Pop Collection – AW2018 Collection by Amélie Gagné Studio

The Colour Pop Collection – AW2018 Collection


Well, my friends, the AW2018 Colour Pop Collection is here…! I have been working on these little goodies for a while, trying to get things just right.

The idea stemmed when my best friend Heather suggested that I could have pieces with just one colour popping out, for people who like their colours a little more on the subtle side… To test the idea, I went on to make a red version for her mother, and a purple one for mine.. And they were quite a hit..!

Colour Pop Collection Amélie Gagné Studio

I then went on to make a few more colours, and toyed with the idea of an accent bead to complement the image… And I quite liked the result! However, the pendants are also available in my regular pendant setting, without the accent bead.

The pieces, which also include mini pendants, post earrings and drop earrings, are now live in my shop section and I am certain they will make gorgeous presents for Christmas…! You can have a look at the full collection right here.  

I created a little video about it too!

Below are some images from a photoshoot taken at the fabulous Heather Restaurant in the Gap of Dunloe in Killarney, by the very talented Sara O’Connor Photography.


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