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What’s in a name…

What's in a name...

Of course I am aware that my name isn’t the most easy to remember… Having a very french name has the advantage of sounding different and unusual, but at the same time can be a little… confusing! Although I have the movie “Amélie” to thank for, (one of my all times favorites.. not just for the title..!)since a lot of people would know about it and recognise the spelling..

To counter this problem I had the good idea to buy the domain name “” as well as “ameliegallery”, which leads to the same website. Over my years living here and appearing once in a while in local papers and other media, I’ve had my name mispelled and twisted countless of times, and here are a few “variants”!:

real name:
Amélie Gagné
(pronouced like “family” without the “f” and “gang-ye”)


Ameile Ganga

And my favorite:

Emily Gaggle!

A Few Sales…

A Few Sales...

I sold 4 paintings very recently and I am delighted…! Two sold in Gallery Zozimus and the other two from the Killarney Art Gallery… Happy Days…!

In order of appearance:

Umbrellas” went to the US

Primrose Evening” was sold in Dublin, and so was

Early Morning“,

Apple Sunset” was sold to a “nice” lady from Nice!

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