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A Need to Go Mad…

A Need to Go Mad...

I’ve been spending a lot of the time in the studio lately…! Time management, I will admit, has always been a struggle… Right now I am juggling my time between my part time work for Peter Cox Photography Gallery, a few commission works including illustrating a little book of children’s poem by friend the American poet Barbara Botch, and preparing for my Solo Exhibition at the Boathouse Gallery in Kinsale, County Cork.

After spending a good few days and hours on these various commissions, I needed to “stretch” my creativity and just “go mad” a little on something which was not meant for anybody in particular…

So with no particular agenda, I squeezed a good amount of some of my favorite colours on a palette and then guessed what…. : I used my fingers.

Detail of the sky…

I had seen several blog posts and videos recently about “intuitive painting” and I just wanted to try it a little… To paint the hills then I used a combination of my fingers and some of my bigger brushes, I wanted to keep a “looser” feeling to the painting.

Of course to paint the flowers I had to rely on my smaller brushes again…!

So there, I think Studio Assistant Clochette was pretty pleased with the results..

I know it’s impossible to please everybody, but I am quite please witht the combination of loose background mixed with the little details… What do you think?


New Paintings… and a Up-coming Interview…!

New Paintings... and a Up-coming Interview...!

Here are a couple of new paintings… Yes, I’ve been busy! I do not have titles for them yet, but I’m quite pleased with the colors of this purple, blue and green little treasure…

The colors were actually inspired by… a cushion!

Thankfully these days I am working on 2 commissions, and I also need to have a few pieces ready for any opportunity… You never know when someone might ask to see the work available at the moment..
I also just got the news that I will be interviewed by a very famous tv/radio presenter from Québec, Mr. André Arthur…! The idea to contact him was suggested by my dad, and it turned out to be a great idea… Mr Arthur was like an institution at home growing up, my parents were always listening to his very animated radio show… The interview should be on February 12th, I’ll tell you more about it soon… Stay tuned!

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