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A Piece of me on 5th Avenue…

A Piece of me on 5th Avenue...

I recently completed a commission which was going to a very nice young woman in New-York City… She had previously seen my work in the reception area of Muckross House in the Killarney National Park during a trip to Ireland and had wrote to me saying how much she loved it…

A few months later I was contacted by this gentleman who wanted to commission a piece for the lady in question.. I was of course delighted..!
After we decided on a size, I was given complete “carte blanche” for the design but told that the lady LOVED strawberries… “Strawberry Hills” was born a couple of weeks later and then shipped to NYC… Here is a small section of the email she sent to me after receiving it… :

“…this morning was like Christmas (or technically, more like a warm, summer NYC rainy morning). N and I carefully unscrewed the top panel of the wooden box, which we laid in the middle of my rug.
– We opened up the panel, uncovered the painting and both of us lost our breaths. AMELIE. I think you took me to heaven and back 🙂 I LOVE IT!!!!…”

I must say I could receive messages like this everyday! It’s so heart-warming…


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