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Happy New Year… here are my Goals!

Happy New Year... here are my Goals!

Ooooh boy, this isn’t a good start to the year! First blog post of the year on the 13th January…

But hey, I took it easy since I came back from my trip home to Canada, I’m always quite affected by the jetlag coming back this way, but now time to get back to work!

As promised, here is a list of my goals for 2009…

– Produce 60 paintings,
– Be more regular with my blog (ahem…)
– Get in 2 galleries on the main European continent,
– Get in 2 galleries in the US,
– Get in a gallery either in Montréal or Québec city,
– Keep an updated inventory of my work,
– Get better at keeping accounts of in and out,
– Set up my Etsy shop, (oups this was on my list last year..!)
– Get at least one article about me in a magazine,
– Read one of the books recommended by Alyson,

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