An Other New Painting…

“Purple Gap”, 8″x8″ is one of my new paintings, based on the Gap of Dunloe in Killarney… And it was painted on a purpose!

When the Nationwide show contacted me a while ago to make a little piece on me (it should be aired in February or March..!) we made plans to go to the Gap of Dunloe to take some scenic footage of me walking around and sketching, so I wanted to have a painting from the area of course…! I had painted the Gap before but in a more realistic kind of way… I quite like my new version which clearly has my own stamp on it..!

  1. Stunning!! Well done on Nationwide too!!

  2. How pretty! I love it, gorgeous color scheme.

  3. i don’t know…this may be one of my very favorites!!

  4. Wonderful work. Well done.

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