Ups and Downs..

Dear fans..! It seems such a long time since I wrote something.. Please forgive me. I have been through one of these moments that we refer to when we say that life is like a roller coaster, with it’s ups and downs. I’m a little better now, and painting and creating has been helping, even if I didn’t do too much of that lately…!
But please bare with me, my head is already buzzing with plans and ideas… Painting inspirations, new jewellery… all coming very soon. And I think it’s also time for a competition, don’t you think…? Perhaps a free piece of jewellery this time..?
Many thanks for all the new fans coming aboard lately, and thanks for those who are still spreading the word…
  1. Yé! Un concours!!! 🙂

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  3. Nice to see you back Amelie!!!

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