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This is something I had in mind for a while… : to create 100 paintings in 100 days, for 100 euros each. I am not part of the “a painting a day” movement like many great artists out there, so this is quite a challenge for me…!

Each painting is a cute 3″x3″ acrylic on board, mounted on an optional 9″x9″ black mount ready to be framed, showing the title and my signature. (See image below…) So you have a lovely “petite” piece of art that may be smaller in size, but is filled with the same amount of colours, textures and care.

I started this series of little treasures on Friday 17th September, and will be finishing (if all goes well!) just on time for Christmas Eve. Each painting will be posted on my blog everyday, and also to a special section of my website.
On these paintings I am offering free worldwide shipping* and will also gift-wrap for free should you wish so.
* : shipping with regular registered post, you can upgrade to courier if you wish for 10 euros.
So here are the few paintings that were created in the last few days..
Day 5 – “Peaceful”, 3″x3″


Day 4 – “I’m With You”, 3″x3″

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Day 3 – “Crimson Trees”, 3″x3″

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Day 2 – “Enchanted”, 3″x3″


Day 1 – “Blooming”, 3″x3″


  1. This is beautiful work, Amélie. Good luck with 100 works in 100 days. And blogging about it as well. Very ambitious!

  2. Thank you Diana…! Well, I have a 10th done… 😉

  3. I’ve put your paintings on my christmas gift list… hope santa will hear me!

    I admire your creativity as much as your discipline! Continue your great work, looking a your paintings lightens me each day.

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