Wine and Art…

How time flies… The Wine and Art Event in the Malton is already on our doorstep… For those unfamiliar with the event, it is organised by the Rotary club of Killarney. Local artists are asked to exhibit art for sale and they keep 30% for their chosen charity, a different one each year. This year the monies will be raised for the Kerry Mountain Rescue Team, the Kerry branch of St-Vincent-de-Paul and the St-Francis special School in Beaufort.

As well as the art there is some beautiful wines to sample along with crackers and cheeses and the whole thing is just a lovely evening that I look forward to every year. Most of the paintings on my last post are for this event, and some will also be for the Killarney Art Gallery Christmas Exhibition, opening on December 6th. Here is a few more that i haven’t posted yet…:

The Event is on Thursday the 26th of November, in the Malton Hotel, Killarney (next to the train station) doors open at 7.30. Oh.. and make sure to stop and say hello…!

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  1. Good work Amelie ! Great artwork like usual

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