What’s in a name…

Of course I am aware that my name isn’t the most easy to remember… Having a very french name has the advantage of sounding different and unusual, but at the same time can be a little… confusing! Although I have the movie “Amélie” to thank for, (one of my all times favorites.. not just for the title..!)since a lot of people would know about it and recognise the spelling..

To counter this problem I had the good idea to buy the domain name “emilygallery.com” as well as “ameliegallery”, which leads to the same website. Over my years living here and appearing once in a while in local papers and other media, I’ve had my name mispelled and twisted countless of times, and here are a few “variants”!:

real name:
Amélie Gagné
(pronouced like “family” without the “f” and “gang-ye”)


Ameile Ganga

And my favorite:

Emily Gaggle!

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  1. Is that how you spell it?!?! You should have told me M-L-E 🙂 Just saw the movie Julie & Julia about the life of the American chef, Julia Childs, who brought French cuisine to American women. Cute stuff as the protagnist, Julie, decides she’ll try to cook all two hundred and some recipes in Ms. Childs’ famous cookbook in 365 days and keeps a blog throughout. Nice to see you blogging bud. Nice to see you moving forward with your career. I’m proud of you. Scott…

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