Update on my Etsy shop..!

Wow, I don’t think I had fully realised all the work involved in creating my online shop for the pendants and rings…!

For the past few weeks I’ve been researching and experimenting… Gift boxes, bubble wrap mailer, rigid cardboard mailer for the prints, a good archival paper for the prints, good supliers for the material needed to make the pendants, chokers, snake chains etc…

It’s about time I get moving on this, as opening an Etsy shop for my prints was on my list of goals for the last 3 years! In fact the shop was set up to my name in 2008!

Now that I have a few items that are ready to go, the last few days have been spent experimenting with the photography…

Although im interested in it, I’ve only got basic knowledge of photography.. I am able to photograph my own work and to tweak the image a little so it looks as MUCH as possible as the original. Photographing jewellery is a different thing! But I’m happy enough with the images I prepared for my listing… Here’s a quick peek..!

Right now I’m sipping a coffee in town waiting for a lovely breakfast sandwich in the Smokehouse… In fact I’m waiting for the post office to be open so I can go get some prices on registered local and international shipping… So I’m happy to say that I will start listing today and over the weekend…!

  1. your photos are great! if you ever decide you’d like a photographer though, i would love to work with you 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Are you also selling the pendants locally?

  3. Beautiful pendants! You will get the hang of the camera in no time, just keep working at it and eventually you’ll find a style you like.

  4. Thanks for the offer Shannon…! Felicia not yet, although I was talking to Deborah about having some in the Backlane Gallery over the summer… Thanks Vanessa for the compliments..!

  5. your jewelry is awesome Amelie!!Congrats on opening your Etsy shop!!

  6. Love your pendants.

  7. Thank you Kathryn and Monika…!

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