The small pleasures in an artist’s life…

Yesterday I treated myself to two new tubes of georgous colours: Permanent Alizarin Crimson and Green Gold, both by Winsor & Newton, from different “collections”. Some of my students have been using them and until now if I needed these colours I would mix them up myself, but these are a delightful shortcut and I’m glad I bought them..

The Alizarin is a fantastic deep, rich colour, very much like beetroot or a rich Bordeaux… And the Green Gold is a beautiful mustard like colour, almost olive looking. I love them..! You can see them in the middle of my palette.. (if you think it looks like the cover of a Chinese take-away dish, you’re spot on!)

I thought they looked great together so I made this little painting using only the two of them and a little Titanium White, which was great to give them a little more “coverage power” since I start with a black background, (which I do NOT advise if you are only starting to paint!) So here is, with a very unexpected title, “Landscape in Alizarin and Green Gold”. 4″x4″


  1. Lovely rich colours – beautiful!

  2. Absolutely divine! You are right to love these colors.

  3. Thank you Felicia and AnnaMay…!

  4. I LOVE this one Amelie!! The colours are fantastic. Alizarin is a gorgeous red and with olive green magnificent! Real rich, royal even!!Love it!!

  5. Alizarin Crimson is a fantastic colour. Mix a TINY bit with Ultramarine Blue if you want to get a great atmospheric sky.

  6. Philip thanks a lot for the tip..!

  7. that is lovely…i use to love using alizarin when i painted…it’s such a beautiful color!!

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