TA DAAAAA!! My First assignment for the Lilla Rogers Talent Search…

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had entered a talent search organised by Lilla Rogers Studio… You can read the original post here!

Well..! I was very excited to get the first assignment and I’m happy to say I completed it on time… The brief was to create a journal cover, on the theme of old style playground… Swings, seesaw etc. After doing some visual research, I started to work on some sketching elements…:

 And then I started to juggle with the composition I would use, and came up with two main ideas… Both of them would be using an original painting, but I wasn’t sure if I would use the painting for the full page, or use it in a cameo-type way…

So as I prepared my sketch on the canvas, I drew in some “guides” to make sure the composition would be interesting no matter which option I would choose in the end…:

And I started to work…

I picked a fresh palette of turquoise, lime green and coral, and here is the finished piece..!

After a lot of thinking and a few trial and errors, I decided I would use my second idea, the cameo one. Since they are looking for a licensing artist, I figured it would be good to show how my images can be “manipulated” and that I am able to do it. (Well, I’m still learning!!)  So here is the final image I submitted for Round 1:

TaDaaaa! I must say I am quite pleased with my final result. The scallopped edge wasn’t planned but I though it worked well to make the piece fun and a little girly. I know you probably can’t tell from this image, but the binding on the side uses the texture of the areas of the canvas painted in turquoise, instead of just putting a flat colour… And the coral background has a subtle linen texture to it. Chosing the font was also a huge fun part of the work, (the brief said the word MUST be present somewhere) I adore browsing through fonts and I think this one works well with the overall feel of the image.
Out of the hundreds? thousands? applications for Round 1, only 50 will be selected. These will be announced on August 1st, so fingers crossed!!! In the mean time, I would be delighted to hear your thoughts…

  1. Fingers and toes crossed, you should Definately make the 50!
    Felicia x

  2. Fingers and toes crossed, you should Definately make the 50!
    Felicia x

  3. I think its absolutely great Amelie! Filled the brief perfectly. 🙂 Lovely work!

  4. Love your journal cover! I agree with everyone = you should definitely make the 50!

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