Nearly Ready…

I’m nearly finished preparing for my solo exhibition… I took a week off too travel around Kerry since my younger brother was visiting me with his girlfriend… It’s not too often I get visitors from Canada…!

Thankfully I had most of the preparations done before they arrived, so I am now left with one painting to complete, maybe an other 2 or 3 small ones to do, and some of the framing. Did you know the Killarney Art Gallery now offers framing as well…? The mouldings haven’t all been received yet but if you go in Declan will certainly advise you on the best option to suit your piece…

So there, the dates are confirmed, and here is a lovely self-promoting postcard to tell you all the juicy details:

Just in case you can’t see it properly… July 1st to 5th at the gallery on Valentia Island and July 6th to 11th at the Killarney Art Gallery. Small informal gathering on Friday July 2nd around 4pm where I will be present… So if you are around by all means come and have a look and have a glass of wine by the sea…!

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  1. good luck Amelie!! Your work is wonderful, i know you’ll sell a lot!!

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