My Goals for 2011…

I’m sure I could add on to the list forever, but here are the ones I am thinking of right now…:

My goals for 2011 are:

-to create around 100 paintings,
-to find representation in 1 gallery in Montréal
-to find representation in 1 Europeen gallery
-to find representation in 1 gallery in the US
-to set up and run a successful Etsy shop to sell my art jewelry and prints,
-to have at least 2 solo exhibitions,
-to participate in at least 2 craft fairs with the art jewelry,
-to participate at Art Fair 2011 in the RDS, Dublin,
-to prepare a portfolio for art licensing,
-to reach the 1000 fans on Facebook,
-to start offering one-day workshops on painting with acrylics,
-to create and use a more efficient database and inventory for my paintings,
-getting more use out of Twitter and LinkedIn,
-to be more committed to my blog, and
-to stick to a better, more organised weekly schedule…

Voilà…! I give you full permission to question me about them throughout the year and see if I’m sticking to them! Care to share YOUR goals…?

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