Happy New Year… and my list of Goals…!

 Best wishes for the new year…! Let me share my goals for 2013 with you…

In 2013 I want to..:

-find an art licensing agent
-get a first licensing contract
-have a better website to show my licensing collection
-have one solo exhibition
-appear in 2 publications
-find more retailers for my signed limited edition prints
-outsource the framing of my prints
-publish and distribute a better range of greeting cards
-set up a new and more efficient studio
-improve my production of jewellery
-get a studio intern for a little help (that’s a maybe!)
-experiment with new jewellery models
-paint 25 paintings
-reach 2000 fans on Facebook
-to keep better track of my accounts
-give birth to a healthy baby
-learn how to juggle artist life and motherhood

This list is not as long as some previous ones, and I have kept the goals somewhat realistic with my expected arrival in April… Some of these goals also figured in my list of last year and I have yet to accomplish them..!

I think we should all have a list and refer to it a few times during the year to keep on track, personal goals, career goals etc… An other task I will have to do is to break down some of these goals into a task list to help me achieve them… I’m not out of the woods yet..!

  1. from a mother (and artist) of two i wish you all the best with your goals for the year cuz once that little one pops out that’s basically your world for the next two years!!! after that, for me at least i could finally breathe again!! i would definitely get that intern you mentioned!! just breath and don’t be hard on yourself if goals aren’t reached this year…your time with your child flies by faster than you think and then, like mine they are off to college in a blink of an eye! seriously…once you hold your child that’s all you want to do is be with them and then they’re grown and out of the house!

    good luck Amelie…can hardly wait to see photos!!

  2. What a wonderful list of goals for 2013! They seem very much within your reach!
    Best of luck with getting most of that done before the baby is born. Agree with Kathryn about the intern and about breathing!!

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