Duo Exhibition coming up..!

Yep, I’m getting ready for the first big exhibition of the year: a Duo Exhibition at the Killarney Art Gallery with a super dooper talented artist: Róisín O’Farrell.

The exhibition will open during the Easter weekend and will be on for the month of April, it’s even in this month’s Ireland’s Home Interiors & Living:

I met Róisín a couple of years ago when she started to exhibitit at the Killarney Art Gallery, and I think you’ll see why I love what she does! Lovely subjects, brilliant colours… So fresh looking:

Hurly Whirly Birds 80x80cm oil on canvas by Róisín O’Farrell

I still have a lot to do to be prepared for it but really looking forward to the event… Stay put!

 p.s. Just in case you tried to have a look, the Killarney Art Gallery’s website is getting a makeover at the moment and that’s why you can’t access it at the minute, but here is the gallery’s fan page…!

  1. Two of my favourite artists at once – woohoo!!!

  2. Well done Amelie – as Felicia said there – two great artist together! well done also on getting into Homes and Interiors mag!!

  3. good luck getting it all done in time!! I know you will do brilliantly!!

  4. Thank you ladies…!

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