Celebrating My Accomplishments…

The sun has just set on 2009, a new decade will start tomorrow… Wow!

I am a little late to do it this year, but like Alyson B. Stanfield reminds me every year, it is time to list my accomplishments for the year that just passed… Well, here it is:

In 2009 I:

– Created ~40 paintings,
– Sold ~ 33 paintings,
– Completed 5 commissions,
– Took part in 5 group exhibitions,
– Had my second solo exhibition,
– Wrote 17 blog posts (ooooh, that’s very poor!)
– Created a Fan page on Facebook,
– Started to tweet,
– Made 2 donations,
– Created new postcards and thank you mini-cards,
– Read “I’d Rather Be in the Studio” by Alyson B. Stanfield,
– Attended a workshop on “Accounting in the Arts Sector”,
– Took the “BlastOff” online class by Alyson B. Stanfield,
– Created a group on Facebook to keep in touch with fellow virtual classmates,
– Created a better weekly routine for my art business, (but not always sticking to it!)
– Got in 1 new gallery,
– Filed an official Return for the first time,

Hhhm… Not bad, not bad at all, but sooooo much more to do!
Goal list coming soon…

See you next year!!! -Amélie

  1. Great job, Amelie. That’s very impressive. Created 40 new paintings! Man, that is nearly one a week. And sold 33! You are obviously doing something right!

  2. J’adore cette peinture, Amélie! Le sapin de Noël est vraiment beau et les couleurs sont vraiment belles. Très agréable à regarder! 🙂

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