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New Paintings… and a Up-coming Interview…!

New Paintings... and a Up-coming Interview...!

Here are a couple of new paintings… Yes, I’ve been busy! I do not have titles for them yet, but I’m quite pleased with the colors of this purple, blue and green little treasure…

The colors were actually inspired by… a cushion!

Thankfully these days I am working on 2 commissions, and I also need to have a few pieces ready for any opportunity… You never know when someone might ask to see the work available at the moment..
I also just got the news that I will be interviewed by a very famous tv/radio presenter from Québec, Mr. André Arthur…! The idea to contact him was suggested by my dad, and it turned out to be a great idea… Mr Arthur was like an institution at home growing up, my parents were always listening to his very animated radio show… The interview should be on February 12th, I’ll tell you more about it soon… Stay tuned!

Happy New Year… here are my Goals!

Happy New Year... here are my Goals!

Ooooh boy, this isn’t a good start to the year! First blog post of the year on the 13th January…

But hey, I took it easy since I came back from my trip home to Canada, I’m always quite affected by the jetlag coming back this way, but now time to get back to work!

As promised, here is a list of my goals for 2009…

– Produce 60 paintings,
– Be more regular with my blog (ahem…)
– Get in 2 galleries on the main European continent,
– Get in 2 galleries in the US,
– Get in a gallery either in Montréal or Québec city,
– Keep an updated inventory of my work,
– Get better at keeping accounts of in and out,
– Set up my Etsy shop, (oups this was on my list last year..!)
– Get at least one article about me in a magazine,
– Read one of the books recommended by Alyson,

The Year is Nearly Over…

The Year is Nearly Over...

And it is time to sit down and think of the things accomplished during 2008… It is a suggestion I welcome every year from Alyson at the Art Biz Blog, which I have been reading religiously every day for.. humm.. I’d say well over 2 years.

I like the exercise of listing accomplishments because it takes my mind of things that I haven’t (yet)done, and I do believe it’s good to tap yourself on the back. This year was my best so far as an artist, despite our economic situation, and I am quite proud of my list…!

– I had my first solo exhibition,
– attended my first Art Fair,
– got into 2 new galleries,
– applied to an Art Council Award for the first time,
– created new business cards and promotional leaflets,
– got a fantastic new website,
– got chosen for a grant under the Per Cent Art Scheme,
– (finally) started a blog,
– created 43 paintings,
– sold 28 paintings,

I’m itching to make a list of the things I haven’t done, but I will turn that into a GOAL list and write it down right here so I can be accountable for it…

I’m Expanding…

I mean… I now have gallery representation in Dublin, at the Mulvany Bros Kingswood Art Gallery , where there is a fantastic show at the moment…
This is brilliant since I have also got in Co.Cork recently at the beautiful, charming and dainty Garden Gallery, in Glounthaune, 10 minutes from Cork city. Owner Jacqui Drinan has just prepared an other lovely exhibition which opened officially last Saturday…

Happy Days…!

Happy Days...!

Despite all these bad vibes about our economical situation, I still have managed to sell 9 paintings so far through my solo exhibition in the Killarney Art Gallery… The exhibition is now over but the paintings that didn’t sell are still available in the gallery itself or on their website here

My Very First Solo Exhibition…

My Very First Solo Exhibition...

There’s a first time for everything…! Since I had a few pieces gathered together, the Killarney Art Gallery has offered me a solo exhibition, my first “One Woman Show”…

Opening officially this week-end, the exhibition is already going well with 4 pieces sold through the email sent today by the gallery.

You can view the exhibition online here

Post Cork Art Fair…

Post Cork Art Fair...

Well, after hours of last minute work, I finally got to the Cork Art Fair and set up my stand with the help of my very supportive boyfriend… By Friday evening all exhibitors were ready and waiting for visitors… Which were unfortunately very slow to come and quite rare, and it was quite the same for the rest of the week-end… Some blamed it on the nice weather, others on the lack of advertising, others on the credit crunch… Nevertheless, I made some great contacts, met many nice and encouraging artists, and sold 2 paintings… AND I got to give out countless cards and leaflets to people, and I met the owner of a small but charming gallery near Cork, the Garden Gallery, where I will be part of a group show opening on the 25th October… Details shortly!

Preparing for the Cork Art Fair…

Preparing for the Cork Art Fair...

It’s been a month and a week since I am back from beautiful Santorini…

Since then I have been ultra busy producing painting to get ready for the Cork Art Fair, which is happening on the 26th, 27th and 29th of this month… Just a week away…! I will be at Stand 15, with (hopefully) just over 20 new smashing paintings.

Will I see you there…?

At long last…

I know… You thought you have seen everything but here it is: my very first blog post from my very own blog. Yé!Joining the blog community has been on my mind for quite a while, but I excel at the art of procrastinating… 😉

I intent to use this space as an extension of my website, (which is going to get a face lift as soon as I have the time..!) to let you know what’s going with my paintings, my successes and rejections (hopefully we won’t have too many of those…) and just my life in general.

Well, wish me luck!

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