Canadian Thanksgiving…

“L’Action de Grâce” Like we call it at home… While our american neighbors and the majority of Canada held the tradition of turkey dinner, in my family it took a quite different twist…

As far as I can remember, in my family “L’Action de Grâce” was celebrated with… a picnic! During a hunting afternoon one day my dad discovered this little opening in the woods, next to a little sugar-shack, and he made a little fire for himself and thought it would be a nice spot for all the family to gather… Shortly after, Mum, Little me and my (then little) brothers were accompanying him for this autumnal picnic.

The night before, Dad would prepare a jar of home-made beans and some freshly baked bread, and the next morning, dressed in wellies and wooly jumpers,we would drive the 1/2h journey to our little sacred place, gather some branches for the fire and logs to sit on and heat up the beans in a pan over the fire. After that we would have some donuts with a warm cup of tea from the thermost.. mmmmh…

Of course we would make sure then that the fire was out and we would put the logs into place and ensure that our visit passed incognito, we would all go for a little forest walk then and look at mushrooms and other wanders…On the way back then we would stop at farm and get our pumpkins for Halloween and some lovely juicy apples.

This tradition is still being kept to this day and TODAY, the little clearing in the woods will be alive with the chats and laughter of Mum, Dad, my brothers Maxime and Louis and their respective wife and girlfriend, Sophie and Claire. Next year there will be one more as Maxime and Sophie are expecting a little boy…

I’m homesick…! But I am thankful to be living in such a beautiful and magical country that is Ireland.

What are you thankful for?

  1. What a wonderful memory of time at home with your family.

    I too am thankful for a wonderful childhood with a loving family around me. There is only one sister and I left any more, but we are both keenly aware of how fortunate we were in the “Family Lottery”.

    Have a wonderful “L’Action de Grâce” there in Ireland!

  2. Scott Rhude said…

    Mmmm…those beans! I think this is such beautiful story and feel incredibly thankful that I shared in it. Stirs the heart kiddo. Thanks for sharing this with me. Happy Thanksgiving to you too…

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