Some Licensing News…

Some Licensing News...

I know, I know, I haven’t written anything on my blog since, like, forever…! I have good excuses though, as I recently became a mommy and I also moved to a new house and organised a new studio, I promise I will do a big blog post about all that.. but in the mean time, some interesting developments…

Some of you will know that I am trying to get into the world of art licensing… For those of you unfamiliar with licensing, to make a long story short, it’s when a company or a manufacturer contact you to use your art on their product, and then you earn a percentage of royalties when the product sells. I think my art could look pretty well on a variety of products! I made this little tear sheet to illustrate a few examples..

 Well, fingers crossed, I may have landed a deal that would see my art on some products for a big UK based company, which would be unbelievable…! It will take a while before I hear something, but I will let you know…!

ALSO, I have recently entered a “Talent Search” organised by Lilla Rogers Studio, who is one of the best agents out there to represent artists internationnally for the purpose of licensing…

The process will be done over a few months, with a few assignments along the way, but this could mean a major jump in the art licensing world for the winner… There is a great little video about it if you click on the image above, I just cannot seem to be able to upload it here…
The winner will have 2 years representation with the agency and a few licensing contract with a few very interesting companies… I will have my first assignments on the 1st of July… Looking forward to it!!!

Happy New Year… and my list of Goals…!

 Best wishes for the new year…! Let me share my goals for 2013 with you…

In 2013 I want to..:

-find an art licensing agent
-get a first licensing contract
-have a better website to show my licensing collection
-have one solo exhibition
-appear in 2 publications
-find more retailers for my signed limited edition prints
-outsource the framing of my prints
-publish and distribute a better range of greeting cards
-set up a new and more efficient studio
-improve my production of jewellery
-get a studio intern for a little help (that’s a maybe!)
-experiment with new jewellery models
-paint 25 paintings
-reach 2000 fans on Facebook
-to keep better track of my accounts
-give birth to a healthy baby
-learn how to juggle artist life and motherhood

This list is not as long as some previous ones, and I have kept the goals somewhat realistic with my expected arrival in April… Some of these goals also figured in my list of last year and I have yet to accomplish them..!

I think we should all have a list and refer to it a few times during the year to keep on track, personal goals, career goals etc… An other task I will have to do is to break down some of these goals into a task list to help me achieve them… I’m not out of the woods yet..!

My Year in Review… And a list of accomplishments!

My Year in Review... And a list of accomplishments!

As the year is nearly over, there is a little exercise I like to do, prompted by Alyson of the Art Biz Blog…: to list my accomplishments of the year. I believe we should all be doing this instead of concentrating on what HAS NOT been done…I have been doing it for a few years now so you may have seen a similar post before!

In 2012 I…

– participated in the Ideal Home Show in the RDS (Dublin) for the first time,
– purchased my beloved Berlingo Multispace, the perfect vehicle for an artist/crafter,
– drove to London to participate in an art fair in Chelsea, (more details here)
– appeared in Ireland’s Home and Interiors Magazine,
– had a duo exhibition with fellow artist Roisin O’Farrell at the Killarney Art Gallery
– had a painting selected for the Cork Street open Exhibition in London
– had a successful Solo Exhibition at the Boathouse Gallery in Kinsale, Co.Cork,
– participated in the Wine and Art night in the Malton, Killarney, for the 7th time,
– gained a few hundred followers on Facebook and Twitter,
– participated in the Art fair in the RDS (now Art Source) for the 3rd time,
– completed 5 commissions,
-put Killarney forward for the “Best Place to Live in Ireland” competition (we were 2nd, watch the video here..!)
– gave a new look to my blog,
– did 3 Christmas craft fairs selling my prints and my art jewellery,
– took better care of my Etsy shop,
– gave a painting demonstration at the Mallow Art Club, County Cork,
– held a “Special Christmas Shop” from my Facebook Page,
-and last but not least… I am growing a tiny human! 25 weeks and counting…

I’m glad I had a full and busy year… Since I was hoping to get pregnant and knowing that 2013 would be more quiet on the art side, I’m glad I took chances like the London fair, who didn’t turn out well but I had to try it..!

Now to make a list of goals for 2013… But first here are a few pictures of 2012..!

Ideal Home Show, Dublin

Untitled Art Fair, Chelsea, London

With Roisin O’Farrell at our Duo Easter Exhibition

Ireland’s Homes and Interiors

With Liz, owner of the Boathouse Gallery

My stand at Art Source, RDS, Dublin


Craft Fair in Muckross Park Hotel, Killarney
Enjoy the Celebrations, and see you next year..!

A Painting for Christmas..?

A Painting for Christmas..?

The following pieces are at my studio at the moment, which means I could have them posted to you very fast. They are all framed in an off-white frame, and as a Christmas special I would have them sent by courier FREE OF CHARGE WORLDWIDE.

If you are interested in any of them please send me an email at [email protected]

Tangerine Dream
Purple Gap

Reverie in Pink and Purple
Soir de Lilac
Jeux D’Ombres
Mystical Steps (Skellig Michael)
Eternal Flames


A Need to Go Mad…

A Need to Go Mad...

I’ve been spending a lot of the time in the studio lately…! Time management, I will admit, has always been a struggle… Right now I am juggling my time between my part time work for Peter Cox Photography Gallery, a few commission works including illustrating a little book of children’s poem by friend the American poet Barbara Botch, and preparing for my Solo Exhibition at the Boathouse Gallery in Kinsale, County Cork.

After spending a good few days and hours on these various commissions, I needed to “stretch” my creativity and just “go mad” a little on something which was not meant for anybody in particular…

So with no particular agenda, I squeezed a good amount of some of my favorite colours on a palette and then guessed what…. : I used my fingers.

Detail of the sky…

I had seen several blog posts and videos recently about “intuitive painting” and I just wanted to try it a little… To paint the hills then I used a combination of my fingers and some of my bigger brushes, I wanted to keep a “looser” feeling to the painting.

Of course to paint the flowers I had to rely on my smaller brushes again…!

So there, I think Studio Assistant Clochette was pretty pleased with the results..

I know it’s impossible to please everybody, but I am quite please witht the combination of loose background mixed with the little details… What do you think?


Untitled Artists Fair – London…

Untitled Artists Fair - London...

A week ago yesterday I was making the long trip back home, driving from central London back to Killarney, after a weekend spent at the Untitled Artists Fair on King’s Road in Chelsea…

Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road

The building and the location were fantastic, right in the middle of Chelsea… The setting up was a little less ideal however… With no allocated car park for the exhibitors, I was forced to find a small car park elsewhere and carry my stuff accross a very busy road 3-4 times with my trolley… Phew!

After setting up on Friday morning, I had a few hours to kill before the opening at 5.30, so I had a little wonder around Covent Gardens, an area I like a lot in London, (I was tempted by Portobello but had been there on my previous trip to London! )

The city was all prepared for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee…

The Apple Market, Covent Gardens


Friday night came and the opening was quite busy, but no luck for me on the night… In fact, not much more luck for the whole weekend unfortunately…! I managed to sell a few prints, but that was it unfortunately… Perhaps the jubilee events were taking away from the fair, or there was insufficient advertising..? Who knows… I was disapointed with the organiser of the event who never came around to see how we were doing or just to introduce himself in general, which I thought was a little rude..

On the bright side, the highlight of my weekend was definitely getting to meet some of my fellow exhibitors, I would love to introduce you to a few of them..

In the booth right next to mine was Graham Holland, he was a great neighbour to have and we got on like house on fire instantly. We had great laughs together. A londoner himself, Graham creates fantastic photo montages of London and different other cities in the world…

© Graham Holland

In front of me was the lovely Catherine Savigny, french painter and sculptor who had come all the way from Paris, handy I suppose with the Eurostar, I would love to do this trip one day..!

“Mother”, © Dan Hillier

Dan Hillier was around the corner from me, a super nice guy who’s art I really liked: he takes old victorian illustrations and manipulates them to create new images entirely. Dan did pretty well at the fair, he was the only one who did that I’m aware of…

“Lost Flip Flop”, © Rachel Jeffery

I fell in love with Rachel Jeffery’s paintings… Living in Cornwall, she gets her inspiration from rock pools… Being a beach comber myself I was really attracted by the colours and the textures in her work…!

There was so many others… but a lovely surprise for me was to meet Bridget Skanski Such… Meeting Bridget and seeing her work felt like we must have been connected somehow somewhere, and you’ll understand why when you see her textile art…:

“Up the Hill”, ©Bridget Skanski Such

Bridget and I use similar colours and shapes, but her work is made entirely of textiles… Ribbons, pieces of organza, and lovely intricate embroidery stitches…

I also met my twitter friend Dean Philips who makes sculptures out of… Blu-Tack..! Dean wasn’t exhibiting, he just came up to say hello since he lives in London… My first time meeting an online friend.
So, that was my weekend in a nutshell… Would I do it again..? Not this fair in particular, no. Talking to the other exhibitors from the UK was great to learn about other fairs… I think I would fly over though, with smaller unframed pieces in a big suitcase..!

So, I leave you now with some random London pics…:



Duo Exhibition coming up..!

Duo Exhibition coming up..!

Yep, I’m getting ready for the first big exhibition of the year: a Duo Exhibition at the Killarney Art Gallery with a super dooper talented artist: Róisín O’Farrell.

The exhibition will open during the Easter weekend and will be on for the month of April, it’s even in this month’s Ireland’s Home Interiors & Living:

I met Róisín a couple of years ago when she started to exhibitit at the Killarney Art Gallery, and I think you’ll see why I love what she does! Lovely subjects, brilliant colours… So fresh looking:

Hurly Whirly Birds 80x80cm oil on canvas by Róisín O’Farrell

I still have a lot to do to be prepared for it but really looking forward to the event… Stay put!

 p.s. Just in case you tried to have a look, the Killarney Art Gallery’s website is getting a makeover at the moment and that’s why you can’t access it at the minute, but here is the gallery’s fan page…!

Happy New Year…! Here are my Goals for 2012…

Happy New Year...! Here are my Goals for 2012...
Happy New Year everyone…!
After writing my list of accomplishments for 2011, here is my list of goals for the coming year…!
-to create over 50 paintings,
-to find more gallery representation in the UK,
-to make my jewellery in a more efficient way,
-to create an online art licensing portfolio,
-to put more time in my Etsy shop,
-to find a first art licensing contract,
-to have 2 solo exhibitions,
-to do my first book illustration by collaborating with my friend the American poet Barbara Botch,
-to improve the display I use at craft fairs,
-to reach 2000 fans on Facebook,
-to participate in at least 3 craft fairs,
-to participate in Art Fair 2012 in the RDS,
-to participate in the National Craft & Design Fair in the RDS,
-to offer more one-day painting workshops,
-to offer more workshops in primary schools,
-to keep better track of my accounts, and
-to stick to a better weekly schedule.
I’m sure I will be adding to this list! You are more then welcome to share yours 😉

Well, would you believe it’s the end of the year already…!

2011 just flew, and I’m extremely lucky to say that it was one of my best, artistically speaking…! Every year I am reminded by Alyson B. Stanfield, (a great coach and mentor for artists) to do something that has become an end-of-the-year ritual:

To Celebrate My Accomplishments.

Why? Because it’s so easy to think of the things I didn’t get done..! And to write this list reminds me that I did more then I thought, it’s a great boost to end the year and look forward to the next one.

So, here they are…!
In 2011, I :

-created about 40 paintings,

-sold around 70 paintings,

-added close to 200 people to my mailing list,

-reached the 1000 fans on Facebook,

-gained over 300 new followers on Twitter,

-had a successful Solo Exhibition,

-took part in 6 group exhibitions,

-participated in 3 craft fairs to sell my jewellery,

-started to sell my Signed Ltd Edition prints,

-set up an online Etsy shop to sell my jewellery,

-took part (successfully!)in Art Fair 2011 in the RDS, Dublin,

-appeared in local and national newspapers,

-took an add for the first time in the “Irish Arts Review”,

-read a lot about Art licensing,

-made 2 art donations,

-gave 2 art workshops in a primary school for the first time,

-gave a one-day painting workshop for adults for the first time,

-taught 84 hours of art or craft classes for the Kerry Education Service

-appeared on National Television (with Nationwide),

-checked out the National Craft & Design Fair in Dublin,

-got my first exposure in the UK, just outside London,

-flew to London and went to the opening of the show in New Ashgate Gallery,

-took advantage of Twitter an awful lot more, and
-completed 4 commissions.

Well, that’s what comes to my mind at the time of writing…! Please feel free to share your accomplishments… It’s always good to get a pat on the back…!
Enjoy the celebrations, and I’ll talk to you next year…  😉

A Few Pictures from the RDS..!

A Few Pictures from the RDS..!

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