Avaluk Crafts, Kilkenny, and The Horse Show, Dublin

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Avaluk Crafts in Kilkenny, a beautiful boutique full of gorgeous handmade items. They told me they would be delighted to carry my jewellery pieces… Now a  few weeks later, my rings and necklaces seem to be so popular that I find it hard to keep up with the production!

At the beginning of August, Avaluk Crafts will be taking a stand at the Horse Show in the RDS, and they have asked me for more pieces obviously!… I should send them the new inventory next Monday…

I’ve been having a lot of fun crafting my little price tags..!  It’s incredible what a paper punch and a bit of string can do… The images aren’t great but you’ll get the idea..

So if you are around Dublin between August 3rd and 7th and are planning to visit the Dublin Horse Show, make sure you visit the Avaluk Crafts Stand…!

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