Every year, as reminded by Alyson B.Stanfield, I write a list of my art-related accomplishments… Because it is so easy to concentrate on the things that I have NOT done…! It’s important to recognise the things that WERE accomplished… So, here they are..!

In 2010 I…

-held 3 competitions on Facebook to gather more fans,
-got over 500 new fans,
-gave a talk about my art,
-gave myself the challenge of creating 100 paintings in 100 days,
-started to make jewelry featuring my art,
-made 2 art donations,
-participated in the Art Fair 2010 in the RDS, Dublin,
-visited the British Museum and the special exhibition of Da Vinci drawings,
-joined “Killarney Arts”, a sub group of the Killarney town council,
-got on stage for the first time with Dochàs Drama Group,
-became secretary of Dochàs Drama Group,
-had 2 (successful!) solo exhibitions,
-got in 3 new galleries,
-participated in a craft fair where I started to sell my art jewelry,
-wrote 109 blog posts, (well, outside of the 100 paintings there is only about 15…)
-created ~162 paintings, (including 100 mini ones..)
-sold ~68 paintings,
-got contacted by a TV program to do a piece on me, (more details to come about that one!)
-started mini-prints of my work,
-completed 3 commissions,
-got into 3 group exhibitions, including one in Paris,

Well, 2010 is nearly history…! Take a minute to think of the things you HAVE accomplished this year… No matter how small!

Enjoy the celebrations… See you next year!


  1. Well done, Amelie! You have a lot to celebrate!
    Onward and upward!!

  2. My Heavens Amelie – that was a fantastic year for you! Well done! You work hard and it is well rewarded. Hoping 2011 will be just as good and even better for you!

  3. Many thanks Diana and Eileen…!

  4. awesome Amelie!!You had one fantastic year…congratulations!! I wish you great success in 2011!!!

  5. Thanks Kathryn!! I wish you the very best as well!!

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