A Few Sales…

I sold 4 paintings very recently and I am delighted…! Two sold in Gallery Zozimus and the other two from the Killarney Art Gallery… Happy Days…!

In order of appearance:

Umbrellas” went to the US

Primrose Evening” was sold in Dublin, and so was

Early Morning“,

Apple Sunset” was sold to a “nice” lady from Nice!

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  1. Hi there –

    I am intrigued by your paintings! I just visited the Muckross House in Ireland and saw your beautiful, colorful bouncy field – it caught my eye because it looked like a strawberry, and then I realized that the “seeds” were not from strawberries but were little lambs. It was remarkable – and I had to ask for the artist! I was happy when the manager gave me your card. Now, I am back in NYC and just visited your site. I will have to contact you about purchasing a painting. When I was in college, I was an art history major – but now I am in the field of nutrition. Looking at your art brought me back to the days of looking at and analyzing paintings. Thank you!



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