24th June 2011 – An Important Day!

Well, I won’t be talking about art in this post… I just want to share with you that today is a special day for me on a few levels…! (let’s mention that I am drafting this at 4.30 am during an insomnia attack!)

10 Years in Ireland!

Yep, I can hardly believe it, but 10 years ago I sailed in to Cobh harbour aboard Irish Ferries, for a planned …hum.. 3months in Ireland.. I was just after doing the Camino de Santiago (a near 1000km pilgrimage across Northern Spain) and made my way up through France and took the night ferry from the cute Breton town of Roscoff on June 23rd…  

To the risk of sounding very cliché, the feeling I got when we finally approached the Irish shores on that morning was quite emotional and almost that of “coming home” (I had previously been to Ireland on a short backpacking trip 5 years before, and I do have a little Irish blood in my veins!)
So there! You know how I got here 🙂

La St-Jean-Baptiste

A big day in my province! “La St-Jean” in my home province of Québec is what St-Patrick’s day is to Ireland.. (and Canada Day will follow next week on July 1st!) Concerts, bonfires, fireworks etc..
Bonne Fête Québec!

One month already…

My lovely little Achilles was killed by a car one month ago today… I’m still very heartbroken over him, he was just the cutest young cat.. He had discovered my house on a cold wet October night following one of my other cats, skin and bones, a big gash on his heel (where his name came from) and with an immediate “please love me” attitude! I miss him terribly..

AND! Last but not least, June 24th is also my dad’s birthday…!

Bonne Fête papa..! Xxx

  1. A special day indeed, congrats on the 10years! Your poor kitty, he looks like he was a real sweetie 🙁

  2. Thanks Nicole… yes he was and I’m a big softie on top of that, I get so attached!

  3. does the landscape in Ireland influence your art…or did you paint whimsical landscapes before you lived there?

  4. My “style” evolved here in Ireland really, a lot of it comes from my head but sometimes I’ll get inspired by some great views and I’ll put my own stamp on it… The lovely “rolling hills” are certainly inspiring though!

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