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Some Licensing News…


I know, I know, I haven’t written anything on my blog since, like, forever…! I have good excuses though, as I recently became a mommy and I also moved to a new house and organised a new studio, I promise I will do a big blog post about all that.. but in the mean time, some interesting developments…

Some of you will know that I am trying to get into the world of art licensing… For those of you unfamiliar with licensing, to make a long story short, it’s when a company or a manufacturer contact you to use your art on their product, and then you earn a percentage of royalties when the product sells. I think my art could look pretty well on a variety of products! I made this little tear sheet to illustrate a few examples..

 Well, fingers crossed, I may have landed a deal that would see my art on some products for a big UK based company, which would be unbelievable…! It will take a while before I hear something, but I will let you know…!

ALSO, I have recently entered a “Talent Search” organised by Lilla Rogers Studio, who is one of the best agents out there to represent artists internationnally for the purpose of licensing…

The process will be done over a few months, with a few assignments along the way, but this could mean a major jump in the art licensing world for the winner… There is a great little video about it if you click on the image above, I just cannot seem to be able to upload it here…
The winner will have 2 years representation with the agency and a few licensing contract with a few very interesting companies… I will have my first assignments on the 1st of July… Looking forward to it!!!

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